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Professional and creative. Made me a hero with my CEO.

We manufacture medical devices for research and clinical markets. After several attempts to photograph our products in-house I decided to hire a professional to do the job right. ADimagination Studios came to our location and spent an hour looking at our products and manufacturing facilities. The two other photo studios I called wanted to charge a $500 "research fee" to do this and just told me what their day rate was. The ADimagination rates were competitive with other studios but they really understood what we wanted to do with our website and brochures. He had several really good ideas that never occurred to us.

The next day he sent us a proposal for 14 shots to be done over an eight hour period. They sequenced the shots to have minimal impact on our operations. The crew was punctual, courteous and talented. We were promised 14 shots and 2 days later they delivered 22 shots all retouched, all of them exceeding my expectations. John really made me a hero with the COO who had expected interruptions to our operations. We have hired ADimagination again to photograph our CEO and BOD for our next annual report. We have made posters of the products for our lobby, something we had not planned until we saw the quality of the images. Very good at what they do and very easy to do business with.

Derek Renoir, Director of Marketing, SemperFlow

Creative problem solvers that get results.

“John Couté is a consummate professional and he ensures that every aspect of a project meets the highest standards from concept to finished product. For over 5 years, I worked with ADimagination on several projects including advertising campaigns, website redesign, corporate brochure, video production, product illustrations, and event photography. He holds to a project vision and excellence standard, consistently delivering creative marketing programs to support his clients’ goals. I am confident when consulting and working with John because he always puts forth his agency’s best effort during every aspect of a project. I highly recommend John and ADimagination Design.”

Natasha Fierro, Marketing Director, Stratacare

Highest level of quality and service.

“John is a hard-working, bright and dedicated individual who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that he delivers the highest level of quality and service. John has a natural drive and passion for everything he does and this has been exhibited over the years in both his personal and professional life. Any company would benefit from having ADimagination Design as part of the team.”

Masha Norton, Project Analyst II, Experian

Expert Photographer, Great Results, High Integrity.

“ADimagination has done photography and web design for my law firm on more than one occasion. They were professional, creative, and expeditious in their work. He had an excellent command of the subject and tailored the end product to meet my specific needs. He worked closely with me and my staff to get the best result. I highly recommend ADimagination for advertising and photography.”

Barbara Hammers, Hammers Baltazar LLP

Great Results, Expert Photographer, Real Value.

“I've worked with John on hundreds of projects over the years. I've hired him, he's hired me. It's been a great working relationship. John has the ability to look at a business, its products and services, and come up with creative solutions for generating interest, building credibility, and supporting the sales process. He takes every job seriously and makes sure that the final product exceeds each client's expectations. On time, on budget, on the mark.” November 11, 2008

Ken Sethney The Sethney Group, Marketing Communications

If your brand is worthy of a website where prospects will see your offer… it's worthy of commercial quality photography and video.

3 good reasons why… you should have professional quality visual content illustrating your products and telling stories about your people, services and facilities.

Photography draws readers into your message. It makes your product or service come alive. Producing a professional photograph requires not just the selection and presentation of a subject to achieve a particular effect, but also having on hand the right cameras, lenses, filters, lighting and other tools. We do commercial quality professional photography.

Motion graphics breathe life into otherwise static content.
Animation can illustrate a new product or process in 3D before it even exists. Experienced animators make concepts come alive with the use of special visual effects and video editing techniques.

High definition video marketing. Video on your website gives the world a look at your operations and facilities. A spokesperson can demonstrate products and services. Web video need not be expensive, we deliver productions for as little as $995 a minute, complete.

Identifying photo, animation and video opportunities within your company requires the ability to pre-visualize, as well as a solid process that get maximum results for your budget. Find out how affordable custom created visual content for your website can be. [contact us].

The Exclusive ADimagination Guarantee.
Others claim to offer great service. We back up our claim with this offer.
If we fail to return a client phone call within 24 business hours
we will pay you $500. cash.
No excuses.

Services Overview

ADimagination is a full-service web marketing agency
offering a complete selection of creative, marketing and support services designed to help you reach, and convert new prospects into customers and strengthen existing client relationships.

Strategic planning and website development to online marketing and managed content, ADimagination provides complete, custom solutions designed meet your unique business development goals.

Creative services to make your message clear:

Website Design. Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Package Design, Brochures, Newsletters, E-mail marketing, Print/Banner Ads, Copywriting, Blogs, Content Development, Video/Animation and Photography.

Marketing services to communicate effectively:
E-mail Marketing, Campaign Strategy and Management, Search Engine Marketing, Online Lead Generation and Promotions, List Acquisition,
E-mail Newsletters, Media Planning and Buying.

Support services keep your new website running smoothly:
Market Research, E-Commerce Solutions, Content Management, Application Development, Database Integration, Streaming Video Content, Website Maintenance, Web Analytics, Web Hosting, Mobile Solutions.

Past projects include variety of diverse markets:
technology, consumer, legal, real estate, financial, medical, biomedical, engineering, manufacturing and more.

Give us your next project.

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Call or Email us to discuss your next project or send us your RFP.
We'll get you a proposal to help you show your customers how you
can solve their problems, on budget, on time.
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Our clients are talking
"Professional and creative, made me
a hero with my CEO. We manufacture
medical devices for research and
  clinical markets...   [more]

Derek M. Renoir,
Director of Marketing,
"Creative problem solvers that get
results. John Couté is a consummate
professional. He ensures that every
  aspect of a project...   [more]

Natasha Fierro,
Marketing Director,
"Highest level of quality and service.
John and his team are hard-working,
bright and dedicated. They are willing
  to go the extra mile to ensure...   [more]

Masha Norton,
Project Analyst II,
" Expert photography, great results,
high integrity. ADimagination has
done photography and web design
  for my law firm on more than...   [more]

Barbara Hammers,
Hammers Baltazar LLP
"Great results, expert photographer,
real value. I've worked with John on
hundreds of projects over the years.
  I've hired him,... [more]
  Ken Sethney
The Sethney Group,
Marketing Communications

ADimagination Design