Effective websites resolve real problems
by offering visitors immediate solutions
that quickly convert them into clients.
Website design that blends science and art.

We write content that's direct and easy to understand, support it with relevant imagery and graphics, then present it in an order that makes perfect sense.

Working within that well organized content are interactive systems that will elicit predictable responses (science) and influence purchasing decisions (art). All this designed to do one thing, achieve your goals and provide a good user experience.

Your new website project cost and delivery date is guaranteed with a time tested 5-step process.

ADimagination uses a process that tracks progress and facilitates communication between you and our design team. Using a guided process we help you gain clarity on the features and functions you want your website to have, then provide you with a firm estimate of cost and delivery.

  Step-1 Discovery
We prepare an outline of your website content with you, assessing your strengths and your competitions weaknesses. This document gives everyone clarity on your preferences and goals.

Step-2 Creative and Site Outline Submissions
Next we create the first draft of your website design. You are sent a layout and a map of the pages and links to review. Your comments
are noted and the design process begins.

Step-3 Production and Testing
We begin programming, applying your content and then test. Your site is developed on our server, accessible only to you with a password. You watch the process as we perfect the content and function.

Step-4 Final Production Review
We do a final online review of the entire website. Adjustments are made to assure the website functions correctly across platforms and browsers and achieves the goals you set for us at our first meeting.

Step-5 Delivery and Training
When the website is complete we will upload it to your server. If your site has content management we train you to revise copy from your computer. If it has a blog feature we will assist you with your first post.

If your brand is worthy of a website where prospects will see your offer… it's worthy of commercial quality photography and video.

3 good reasons why… you should have professional quality visual content illustrating your products and telling stories about your people, services and facilities.

Photography draws readers into your message. It makes your product or service come alive. Producing a professional photograph requires not just the selection and presentation of a subject to achieve a particular effect, but also having on hand the right cameras, lenses, filters, lighting and other tools. We do commercial quality professional photography.

Motion graphics breathe life into otherwise static content.
Animation can illustrate a new product or process in 3D before it even exists. Experienced animators make concepts come alive with the use of special visual effects and video editing techniques.

High definition video marketing. Video on your website gives the world a look at your operations and facilities. A spokesperson can demonstrate products and services. Web video need not be expensive, we deliver productions for as little as $995 a minute, complete.

Identifying photo, animation and video opportunities within your company requires the ability to pre-visualize, as well as a solid process that get maximum results for your budget. Find out how affordable custom created visual content for your website can be. [contact us].

Target Your Audience

Your Website Is Not All About You

Some organizations try to make their website be interesting to everyone, others want it to appeal to themselves and their associates. A remarkable number of organizations ignore their users entirely and make design and content decisions purely on subjective personal preferences. This often shows up as inappropriate design and content full of jargon and acronyms.

A website should not try to be all things to all people or indulge the preferences of staff, instead it should meet the needs of its users.
Too many designs are rejected because the manager in charge “doesn’t like green.” Likewise, too much website copy contains acronyms and terms used only within the organization.

The Exclusive ADimagination Guarantee.
Others claim to offer great service. We back up our claim with this offer.
If we fail to return a client phone call within 24 business hours
we will pay you $500. cash.
No excuses.

Give us your next project.

Interested in working with a different kind of web agency?

Call or Email us to discuss your next project or send us your RFP.
We'll get you a proposal to help you show your customers how
you can solve their problems, on budget, on time. [contact us]

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